Allow 40 min

To learn how to plot shadows

The sketch pad,
HB pencil, ruler.

To To begin revise: We must learn to use our eyes and judge distances and proportions and keep drawing them until they look right. It is the same if we are drawing a face or a box, we must judge one thing in relation to all the others in the same space.

Construct margin and title box on a new page then:

b) As in lesson six construct the grid as shown but start from slightly above the title box.

c) Note the RVP is moved slightly toward the center.

d) Draw the box in lightly then firm it in.

e) Draw the line approximately as shown. 'O' stands for the light source and 'a' is the spot on the ground directly beneath the light. You can place the point anywhere you like but I suggest you place it near where I placed mine if you want a similar shadow.

f) Draw light lines from 'O' and 'a' so they cross.

g) That gives us our shadow outline. Shade in as shown.

h) Using (4x4)16 squares draw in the pyramid. The 'apex' is a point directly above the center of the base. Firm in the pyramid.

i) Construct and complete the shadow as shown and shade it in. The student should note that if point 'a' is brought forward the shadow will point backward.

Home study :
Experiment, try adding some other objects such as vertical poles and draw their shadows.

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