TIME: Allow 40min - teacher preparation minimal.

Aim: This lesson follows on and develops the theme of the previous lesson and intends to introduce the notion that views may differ but structural elements of perspective (and drawing) remain very similar.

Materials: The sketch pad,
HB pencil, ruler.

Prepare as in the previous lesson using the ruler and HB pencil

a) Quarter the page as shown with diagonal light lines. Teacher should do this on the chalkboard, then wait for the students to catch up. Add the extra light lines. In this lesson we are again going to use only one vanishing point (CVP) and it is in the certer of the page. Place in the lines approximately as shown.

b) Add the two extra light lines.

c) Firm in the lines shown.

d) Add the next series of horizontal light lines and the two extra radiating lines. Give measurements of students are unsure about the position of the horizontal lines as some students become nervous about mistakes - again note to the student that all lines in this drawing are either horizontal, vertical or radiate out from the center.

e) Firm in as shown.

f) Add the extra.

h) Now the vertical lines and the structure begins to take shape.

i) The essential 'structure' is done - now two horizontal lines show the pavement edges.

j) Now for a little shading.
Print in the title add some light lines as shown to suggest windows - then firm in when satisfied. Further shading and details can be completed at home.
Homework: Complete the drawing adding cars, pedestrians, heli-pads, more windows etc ...

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