The Loneliness of the Long-distance Author
'The great writers make us believe we somehow all exist as ciphers, just passing through the seasons, be it in winter, summer, fall and winter again… all living out our simple but common transitions. Could this happen in the supermarket, or is such artificiality a symptom of a narrower landscape?

To quote Hemingway:

"The good and the bad,
the ecstacy, the remorse and sorrow,
the people and the places and
how the weather was.
If you can get so that
you can give that to the people,
then you are a writer."

My object with the 'authors' series of paintings is to turn the artistic tables; to show these mostly deskbound craftsmen as solitary individuals in the midst of a series of towering landscapes thereby suspending the intellectual exercise of their 'artistic' life-cycles and confining them by landscape alone; just as they do to their actors and players. This is where the business of painters can be so different from writers. We can stop the clock and give form and individuality to whatever dimension we propose. How much is really plot or character driven? Can Steinbeck, for instance, be remembered without a feeling for his landscape; ditto Hemingway, Twain, Austen, Hardy, Dickens, Shakespeare, Melville and the Bronte sisters?

The intellectual landscape is also such a lonely place where the blank page and blank canvas often predominate. Thus, beyond the weather, I have constructed these paintings as an allegory of sorts dealing with this daunting prospect. Anyone who needs to make a living by his or her wits must contend with this 'white page' on a daily basis. These landscapes below are therefore frighteningly bare of any props. I hope the portraits of the authors I have painted show them in this new light - perhaps as solitary captives of their own imagination. Anyway, that's what I intended.'







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