Investment Value Of Oil Paintings

  • John Hagan's work is already highly regarded as an investment as he has been painting professionally for more than 30 years and is considered within the painting fraternity as one of the finest technicians of both the traditional and impressionist manners of painting.
  • As you can see by the 'body of work', even within these walls, there is little subject matter that avoids Hagan's eye, and his brush. Nevertheless John Hagan's 'Bounty' paintings have been used in numerous documentaries including the ten featured in the 'History Channel's' documentary on the 'Bounty Mutiny' first screened in the US and the UK during April 2001.The portrait of Fletcher Christian is the only such portrait in existence and is held by the Pitcairn Island's Study Center, Pacific Union College, Angwin CA.
  • It is also recognized Hagan's skill shown in rendering the transparency of water as in many of the 'nature' or 'water' paintings is truly unique, as are the still-life food paintings unique in that they show nothing but the food itself.
  • All oil paintings are guaranteed to last 500 years.
  • The works are painted with artist quality oil paints on heavy weave canvas linen properly prepared.

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