Let me take an overall look.
Things I don't like;
1. The tallest building looks phallic while the other one needs a more oriental cast (well we are a hundred miles west of Ankara). It also seems too high.
2. I need more perspective in the sky, more aerial direction, more light direction.
I'll try and fix those ...

Something like this perhaps?

The problem of linking the sky to the ground now arises. Perhaps I am trying too hard to complete the inside square of the composition? Does it need to be completed at all or is the dark vertical line on the right sufficient? We shall see.

I will also repeat the motiff on the tower on the waggon wheel and the king's chair - thus creating a bit of repitition (patten).

The street composition is a simple 'light against dark and dark against light'. On the right side I have dark forms and spears against a lightening blue-grey haze then, as we scan across street, the figures on the otherside become increasingly light until we create reverse - light figures against a dark background.
But I have that torch on the wall. You can see the problem; behind the two breast-plated soldiers to the left of the king the wall goes from dark to light for no apparent cause?
Perhaps I should remove the light and allow the dark to reach the first level ...
As I work on that problem I will begin to add some form and detail to the figures.

Must elevate the waggon shaft and detail the knot...
Also must think on what I want in the foreground?
I am almost past the 'chiaroscuro and design.' That is often the hard part. Soon I will be able to place and work the major figures and this will be a test because future problems will be mostly be a consequence of flaws that are already inbuilt. I know that if they persist I might have to do some radical alterations. Nothing is certain.

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