2. Making ordinary things extraordinary

The idea here is to take something entirely common and paint it in such a way that viewers are forced to look or 'see' the thing in some other way. Just this morning I purchased a packet of beautiful chopsticks. My aim it to one day paint them in in conjunction with a fork or other eating implements. This might just question the process of getting food from dish to mouth.
Anyway painting simple things is also a major obligation of any artist for it promotes lateral thinking and wonder.

Such things might include:

  • A footprint in the sand. 
  • A small wave on the beach with a shell. 
  • Cooked pasta. 
  • A map of the world. 
  • A mailbox. 
  • Beans and toast.
Look around, walk in the park, go to the seaside, there are thousands of suitable items. Below are a few examples of mine I have found that made successful and saleable paintings. 

Pasta (36"x24")

Beans and toast (36"x24")

'Landscape'(100"x50") - I intend to follow up this 'world landscape' with another having the map reversed as if looking from inside out; out into the universe. The shapes thus should be vaguely familiar but the 'views' unusual.


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