My technique is first to establish the details then lose them as I need for the 'fade in - fade out' effect. I desire a balance between reality and mystery. Well, enough of the dreams ... the cushion under the left foot requires some work.

The highlighted foreground will be a problem. The usual rule is ... as objects get nearer the viewer contrast increases as does the color saturation (aerial perspective). That doesn't seem to be working here though so I will try and introduce some more detail and come back to that later. This is a highly professional ruse among artists - otherwise known as 'keep putting it off and hoping it will resolve itself later'.

I am unhappy with many aspects of this painting - in particular the right arm and shoulder, position and angle of the head and length of the right leg. I also need something to cheer me up - a little depth and animation in the background perhaps. This painting is getting dangerously close to the scrap heap ... let me see if there is any way I can rescue it ...

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