Note how the head is now on the line of the top left to bottom right diagonal, as is the upper torso and left thigh. To counter this is the right shoulder line and the right leg. These elements need strengthening. Also the color of that front pillow is frankly ... ugh! and the folds are too defined.

I had in mind a soft felt cushion under the right leg as a texture change but it is unnecessary. Darken and change fold lines. The changes seem to have strengthened the left shoulder and right leg lines. The front cushion is better, I will work it up later.

The satin sheet is growing very watery. I am trying to keep the tones subdued and dark as later I will begin to lighten everything from the center out, like an explosion. You can begin to see the alternate composition element of the outward radiation with the lines of the drapes and the butterfly ink-spot effect.

The corner where the front cushion meets the left leg is too sudden, too defined ..!

My path is clear... I have subdued my extreme tendencies long enough. I promise either success or failure in the next stage - then again I have these defining moments of re-assessing my place in the universe with fame and success and visions of living a life of ease and plenty in some tropical clime. But gads! That is where I am now, where a dip in the ocean is hardly bracing. Think of the worst ... I could teaching art in a big city and earning a fortune.

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